Ignite. Hell and rural levels

Good news everyone! I’m implemented non-sqare shaped tiles in Ignite today. Looks very nice :

This is a hell level. The one you find in next release :)

And third type of tileset is Rural (water will be added later, not in the next release) :

Ignite – loading image

Hello. I’m working on a new release. Nothing new i can show right now.

And second tileset (broken terrain + lava layer):

This terrain set will be used for some hell layers.

Ignite – roadmap

I’ll not have free time for Ignite development today, but atleast i can post a roadmap for future releases.


  1. New dungeon tiles (done)
  2. Message system for dialogs and quests (done)
  3. New starting quest chain
    • New character tiles (done)
    • Multi-level dungeons
    • New quests (almost done)
  4. New way of character generation
    • New character tiles (done)
    • New zone tiles
    • New zones
  5. Big dungeons
    • New zone tiles
    • New character tiles (50%), monsters and necromutation effects for them
    • New types of AI
    • New map generation process
  6. Items and inventory (will be added from previous version of Ignite)
  7. Achievement system (some basic achievement)
  8. Player profile (to save achivement and statistic progress)

Next release will be in two weeks from this day (3-4 october 2011).


  1. More items!
  2. New types of dungeons with new monsters and necromutation effects.
  3. Player`s Keep


  1. Ranged combat for player (i still thinking about a quick and comfortable interface for it)
  2. First spellcasting implementation with a set of basic spells

Ignite – tiles for underworld

Not much news today. Completed 5 npc tiles for spirit world characters:

Some characters for village.human seting :

… and 1 new secret character tile.

Ignite – messaging system

Ignite isn`t have complex dialogue system. I think that a roguelike game should not have one. Instead of cool dialogue there will a simple messaging system… the one i`ve implemented 10 minutes ago. It`s plain and simple:

… and now time to show a person who will write a story for this game ;)

Ignite – soft shadows and new tileset

Today i`ve implemented a soft shadows for Ignite and draw a new default ‘dungeon’ tileset (floor and walls):

Ignite – new tile composition idea and first neutral character

Hello. Today i managed to find new way in tiles composition that will bring to Ignite maps like this:

I think that roguelike map looks better without sharp corners like this:

New composition aren`t implemented in code yet. But it will be in next public version. Next step – soft shadows!

And some tiles that has been done today:

– Corvinae the Raven Lord - Cultist (an easy tile for color replacement)

Ignite 0.036 is here

New version is done! You can download it from here .

Current version 0.036 from 16 Sept 2011.  This release is my participation in Annual Roguelike Release Party`11.

New features in Ignite:

  • Enabled AI for NPC
  • Several new monster types and a lot new Necromutation effects
  • Now you can have up to 3 Necromutation effects active (buffer from 1)
  • Now player character can die
  • 1 new quest
  • Elite enemy
  • Added new playable race – Gray Dwarf
  • New monsters will be spawned in dungeon with time
  • New ‘massacre’ mode with a ton of monsters swarming player (you still can win)
  • More dead corpses, BLOOD! and bones.

Ignite 0.036

Good news, everyone! I’ll definitely release new version of Ignite 17-18 Sept.

Today i made everything what should be included in ARRP release. We have little tought adventure with quests to kill Wrong Bees ;) Like in a Winnie The Pooh novel, but with a roguelike style ;)

I’ve added new monster types (and necromutation effect), help screen (get it from main menu). Now player have chance to get more than 1 necromutation effect (so no more corpses lying on a floor). Monsters may be randomly generated with time spent in a dungeon. Only source of heal is a necromutation effect “Lesser Healing”, and you will need it if you want to win this part of Ignite.

Plans for tommorow: more gore for necromutation effect and implement message system to the game.

ARRP 2011 Ignite release

I’ m thinking about quick release before ARRP’2011 ends (18 sept 2011) .
I will make release without outdoor locations If i implement enought new features in a day or two.