I’ll not have free time for Ignite development today, but atleast i can post a roadmap for future releases.


  1. New dungeon tiles (done)
  2. Message system for dialogs and quests (done)
  3. New starting quest chain
    • New character tiles (done)
    • Multi-level dungeons
    • New quests (almost done)
  4. New way of character generation
    • New character tiles (done)
    • New zone tiles
    • New zones
  5. Big dungeons
    • New zone tiles
    • New character tiles (50%), monsters and necromutation effects for them
    • New types of AI
    • New map generation process
  6. Items and inventory (will be added from previous version of Ignite)
  7. Achievement system (some basic achievement)
  8. Player profile (to save achivement and statistic progress)

Next release will be in two weeks from this day (3-4 october 2011).


  1. More items!
  2. New types of dungeons with new monsters and necromutation effects.
  3. Player`s Keep


  1. Ranged combat for player (i still thinking about a quick and comfortable interface for it)
  2. First spellcasting implementation with a set of basic spells

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